Eating Ramen in Berlin

When I went to Berlin to get my Working Holiday Visa we visited a Japanese restaurant called Makoto. It’s a ramen restaurant, but it also has some other typical Japanese dishes. I went there with some German friends and two Japanese girls. The waitress was happy that she could speak some words in Japanese with us.

makoto01     We ate Karaage and Gyoza at the beginning. I really love to eat both of it.makoto03The ramen I ordered was really delicious. I got chicken ramen. As it is typical for me it’s hard to eat all the soup, but I really enjoyed it.makoto05

As dessert I had dorayaki. It was very delicious even if I was already full.makoto06At the end I was surprised that it wasn’t as expensive as I expected it to be. I really enjoyed our lunch at the Makoto in Berlin and look forward to go there again someday.makoto04


Let’s start ☆

Hello everyone! ★
I am writing a blog about Japan for a while now, but this blog is in German language only. I also don’t want to change this, because some friends & family members only speak German and no English.
However, I’ve got many friends who don’t speak German or just a little bit. I don’t want them to be separated from the stuff I like to write about and so I now decided to start a new blog in English. For sure, this won’t be as detailed as my German blog.

I hope I also can reach some other people outside my circle of friends and give some interesting information and stories to you o(^___^)v

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