Japanese Purin Mix

I’m a woman who loves sweet desserts. But always buying them at supermarket or kombini becomes expensive with the time. So why don’t you make your pudding by yourself? For ¥ 155 I bought House’s Purin Mix (プリンミクス) and tried it today.

purin mix 01

Inside the box you have one pack of pudding powder and a pack of caramel sirup. You still need milk and water. For sure, the description is in Japanese. But here I give you a little translation.

purin mix 02

1. Heat up 200 ml of milk with small fire and then give the pudding mix into the warmed up milk. Milk should have a temperature around 70°C.
2. While the mix starts to dissolve add 100 ml of water. When everything has dissolved turn of the fire and put the pudding into small cups.
3. Put the cups into the fridge for at least one hour.
4. To make the caramel sirup you have to mix it with some water and then can add it to your pudding.
DONE! (^_^)v

purin mix 04As you see, it is very easy and I really like the taste. Instead of the caramel sirup I added some chocolate sirup.

purin mix 05