About Yoko

Name: Claudia K.Yoko
Nickname: Yoko-chan
Birthday: 17 September
From: Germany
Likes: J-Music, concerts, travel, photography

I like Japan since I was a little child. Everything started with watching Pokemon and Sailor Moon. Later I tried to learn Japanese by myself, which for sure didn’t worked  out. I started to learn at a evening school in October 2008 – even though I’m still not so good at Japanese (-__-)”

One of my biggest passions is the Japanese music. I really love to listen to it and love to do karaoke. I try to go to Japanese concerts as often as it is possible, so I could see a lot of my favorite bands live in Germany. But one of my dream is to see them live in Japan, too.

I made two holiday trips to Japan – around New Year 2011 and in summer 2012 – which I really enjoyed. Now I will stay in Japan for one year with working holiday visa, starting in October 2013.


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