Japanese Purin Mix

I’m a woman who loves sweet desserts. But always buying them at supermarket or kombini becomes expensive with the time. So why don’t you make your pudding by yourself? For ¥ 155 I bought House’s Purin Mix (プリンミクス) and tried it today.

purin mix 01

Inside the box you have one pack of pudding powder and a pack of caramel sirup. You still need milk and water. For sure, the description is in Japanese. But here I give you a little translation.

purin mix 02

1. Heat up 200 ml of milk with small fire and then give the pudding mix into the warmed up milk. Milk should have a temperature around 70°C.
2. While the mix starts to dissolve add 100 ml of water. When everything has dissolved turn of the fire and put the pudding into small cups.
3. Put the cups into the fridge for at least one hour.
4. To make the caramel sirup you have to mix it with some water and then can add it to your pudding.
DONE! (^_^)v

purin mix 04As you see, it is very easy and I really like the taste. Instead of the caramel sirup I added some chocolate sirup.

purin mix 05


Time flies…

Hello everyone. I’m in Tokyo now for nearly one month. Time went by so quickly and I can’t believe that October is nearly over.

Unfortunately I’m not able to update my English blog often. Sorry. I’m busy writing the German one as often as possible. But at least I want to give a little summary now.

My first few days I spent with some other German girls. We met for the first time. I had some great first days. Then Japanese Language School started and my daily life became a little bit busy. However, Language School is fun and it feels like my Japanese improved. Unfortunately my one month course will be over next week…


My weekend mostly spent with my dear boyfriend. We went to fire works in Tsuchiura and Narita together, visited a Cat Cafe, went to a Japanese festival near my home and had a lovely time together. I’m so happy! This weekend we will go to Disneyland.



I also met some of my Japanese friends. I missed them so much and enjoy every time we can see eachother.

Next to typhoons, I now also experienced my first earthquake tonight. But don’t worry, everything is fine here.


Next weekend will be a busy one, too. I will go to two concerts (Anna Tsuchiya and AJISAI) and I’m also invited to the Reitaku Univerity Festival. I want to spend some days with my BF, too. Luckily, Monday will be a public holiday.


Finding an accommodation in Tokyo

If you plan to live in Japan for a longer time, you some day have to start searching a place to stay. There are a lot of possibilities, just as renting an own apartment, staying at a furnished apartment, hotels, share & guest houses, host families, …

I plan to stay in Tokyo for around 4 months and I know that I need to have my private space. A hotel would be to expensive for a long-time-stay and I think about looking for a host family at another time. So I decided to stay at a furnished apartment or a room in a share house. For sure, the prices in Tokyo are extremely high, but hey, Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world!

At the end I decided to stay at room of Sakura House, which is kind of well-known. After looking through ALL accommodation offers I ended up with around 5 favorites. Only problem is that you can reserve the room only 3 weeks in advance. So you have to wait after finding your room and hope it is available at the determining moment.

I ended up with a room at Kitasenju where I have my own little kitchen place inside. Bath and shower are shared with housemates. I’ll have to pay 79,000 Yen for it per month.

searching Sakura House

For sure there are some other accommodation providers, too. You can take a look to Gaijin Pot ApartmentsBorderless HouseOak HouseTokyo Sharehouse and many more.

If you are looking for accommodations in Tokyo (and the rest of Japan) it’s best to start your search early and look through many offers. Keep in mind what you want and how much you can spent. At the end, you will never know if you made the right decision, but it’s always exciting trying something new in life, isn’t it?